Saturday, February 18, 2012

Voodoo Doula?

I have a twin. Just a Doula twin, but I love her. Mainly because I think she is me. Or I'm her, or she wants to be me... Either way, she has made me laugh, read my mind, encouraged me in some challenging moments, and reminds me that I'm not weird. Correction,that I'm not the only one who is weird.

We call each other "twin" because we have a freakish amount of things in common, both in our doula-ness and real life. Not that doula-ness isn't real life, but, well, you know what I mean! 

I'm pretty sure the reason we live on opposite sides of the county is for the safety of those around us! I am often told that I don't "seem like the doula type". Okaaaayy??.... never sure how to reply to that! Maybe this will explain what goes through some peoples mind when they hear the word doula and respond like this: hula? houd-la? dou-la-la? cool-a? Oh! Doula? ok, what's that?  

From here!  

I promise I only wear my voodoo outfit when I'm barbecue-ing  a placenta. (kidding. really.)  Maybe the reason OB's think that is because they usually only see us when we have sprung out of bed at oh-dark-thirty and rushed bed-head and all to support a momma! Perhaps a hat would be a wise investment.... nah!

ANYWHO.... back to the purpose of this post... Jen, my doula twin, all the way across the country, wrote a blog post, and this paragraph was seriously sucked right from my own brain... perhaps she does fit the bottom middle picture better than most... hmmmm....  ;-) 

As a doula, I am called to become familiar enough with a mother or a mother and partner in a matter of hours to be able to not totally tick them off when the time comes for their precious child to make their grand debut.  It's like speed-dating and then running off for a quickie wedding if you're the chosen one.  I'm always humbled when an expectant family says, "Yes, we'd like for you to be with us for the birth of this child" despite my tendency towards goofiness and caffeine consumption  (I swear I am quiet and calm during birth.  Promise.).

It's not like someone choosing a toothbrush. They are choosing ME. I still get awkward at that moment.  It is humbling and such an honor! How on earth am I able to provide all that they deserve? So as I approach my 50 family mark, I continue to be blessed and honored! Thank you to each of you who have chosen me to be part of your birth team and witness the birth and growth of your family! 

If you had a doula, how did you decide who it would be? Were your expectations met? How or how not? 

Hugs to ya!
Shannon =) 

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