Sunday, April 3, 2011

A day in the doula life

I'm often asked what my fee includes. The simple answer is to say, "visit my services page and it explains it all".

The not as simple answer is best explained with an overview of a delivery week... this includes the few days prior to, including and a few days after attending a birth.

I go "on call" two weeks before her due date. Also referred to by my family as going phone obsessive. It doesn't leave my side. It is next to my plate, next to my bed, next to the shower. I "check" it almost as often as I blink.

In this case, I've been on call for 9 days already. Keeping all plans tentative and staying well rested, keeping my gas tank at least half full taking two cars places in case I have to leave in a hurry, And of course, spending an awkward amount of time with my phone.

3:43 A.M. Cell phone screams. Well, it sings "baby baby I get down on my knees for you...." but its sounds like a scream at this hour. It's momma saying she's having lower back pain and can't sleep. It comes and goes and nothing helps. I suggest a warm shower, a small bite to eat, go potty and call me back.

5:18 A.M. Cell phone screams/sings again. Its momma saying the pain stopped and she's going to try to sleep. I appreciate this because I sleep much better knowing she is resting and I no longer have to cancel my days plans. Actually, since I'm on call for her, I don't have many plans and the ones I do are all "penciled in".

7:30 A.M. I'm up and getting started for my day. I get Stacey ready for school and send CJ off to drop her there. I get the days lesson plans and start Michelle on her History assignment while I sit with Robby to study the moon.

9:30 A.M. Call momma (now that I'm coherent) and give her a few stretches and sitting positions to help sooth her back. I suggest she spend time sitting on her birth ball to help relax her pelvis and encourage baby to settle into the best position for birth.

1:30 P.M. I know this momma is likely to labor soon so I opt for a short nap. I've become queen of cat naps. I've learned not to take them in my room or I'll sleep too long, but the sofa allows for just enough rest. I also have to squeeze it in before Stacey gets home - She prefers my eyes open and will try to keep them that way. :) So I assign some quiet school work and chores and snuggle up.
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