Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Morning sickness be gone!

Morning ALL DAY sickness.... What on earth is gong on to make you feel so... gross?!

Pregnancy does strange things to us, and Nausea is one of the least favorites! I remember having a bionic nose! Seriously, I could smell things for miles. Sadly, I didn't like most smells either! My husband included. As in... *covers nose, waves from down the hall, bye honey* kind of didn't like how he smelled! It was horrible! By the time he'd get home in the evening he was tolerable but morning? Heck no!

So just what are we supposed to do to get through that stage.... which may or may not pass after the first trimester? I was told of a solution by a friend of mine. It worked wonders for her and so I passed it onto others, and sure enough, the ones who do this whole heartily (translates: follow the protocol) had great success!

This article explains what is causing the nausea and how
 to make it go away. Far far away!

On the off chance that beans just don't cut it, here are a few other things that may help, especially if your nausea is minimal.

I use Peppermint Essential Oil when my migraines cause nausea. I just open the bottle and sit it next to me. As I relax, the pain fades surprisingly quickly. I do
 this at the first hint of onset, so if you try it when the migraine is full force, let me know how it works!

As always, be sure to check with your care provider about what products are safe to use while pregnant!

Hugs to ya!
Shannon =)

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