Friday, October 7, 2011

Do you know the whole story?

A while back I attended a Trust Birth meeting.  It was great to be with 2 other doulas, 2 expectant mommas and 1 hubby.

We shared short versions of our birth stories. It was nice to laugh and cringe together over the collective 15 births between us! (2 of us have had 5!)

One thing I came away with was a confirmation that moms get one sided information from care providers. Why is that? In my local hospitals patient bill of rights, you see that you have a right to give informed consent. How can they do that when a care provider says things like "your baby is breech, you must have a cesarean at 36 weeks".

Why is momma not told she can wait for spontaneous labor, that there is still a chance for baby to flip in early labor, that the hormones that trigger labor means baby is ready, that the estimated due date can be off by 2 weeks and 36 can really be 34!

Oh man do I want to rant on this! But I'll stop now. If you're a momma, be an advocate for yourself and your baby... do your research, don't get opinions, get facts and make evidence based decisions!

Feel free to share your informed, evidence based consent stories!

hugs n love to ya!
Shannon =)

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